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Adolf Galland & Erich Hartmann

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Galland was commander of all fighters from 1941, and Hartmann the highest scoring fighter ace in history

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About Adolf Galland & Erich Hartmann

Things you may like to know.

Two of the most remarkable fighter leaders of all time – Erich Hartmann, the highest-scoring fighter pilot in history, and Adolf Galland, who flew through the Battle of Britain, led the famous ‘Abbeville Boys’ Me109s, became commander of all Luftwaffe day and night fighters, was deposed by Goering, reprieved by Hitler, and commanded the famous JG-44 jet fighter wing. 

In two and a half years of operations Erich Hartmann flew over 1400 operational missions, ending WWI as Gruppen Kommandeur of 1./JG 52 with an incredible total of 352 air victories. He is the highest-scoring fighter pilot of all time – a record unlikely ever to be surpassed. His genuine signature, like that of Galland and other leading fighter pilots of WWII, places history in the hands of the few!

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