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Adolf Galland & Walter Krupinski

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Galland ended the war commanding JV-44, flying the Me262. With 195 victories Krupinski, flew jets with him.

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About Adolf Galland & Walter Krupinski

Things you may like to know.

Galland became the youngest General in the German High Command when he was appointed Inspector General of the Fighter Arm in November 1941. He led his famous JG 26 through the battles of France and Britain becoming Wing Commander of all nine squadrons. Krupinski, with over 1100 operational missions, was one the first pilots Galland selected for his JV-44 ‘Squadron of Experts’ of Me262 fighter jets in 1945.

Threatened with the firing squad by Goering following continual tactical disagreements, Galland was reprieved by Hitler and instructed to form a jet fighter wing for the Defence of the Reich. He was the only General ever to lead operational fighters in combat. Being one of his most trusted commanders Galland recruited Krupinski to join JV-44, where the two long-serving friends flew till the fall of Germany.

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