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Alex Vraciu

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The famous carrier pilot once bagged 6 Japanese dive Bombers in 8 minutes!

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£79.00 Inc VAT

About Alex Vraciu

Things you may like to know.

This famous carrier pilot cut his teeth flying the F6F Hellcat as wingman to Medal of Honor winner, Butch O’Hare. Alex Vraciu claimed his first air victory over Wake Island in 1943, qualifying as an Ace in January 1944. On February 16 he brought down three Zeros and a Rufe in a dogfight during a raid on Truk but his Air Group Six was forced to retire from the combat zone when Intrepid was torpedoed.

Resuming combat aboard the Lexington, he continued to add to his aerial successes, and on June 14 sank a large enemy merchant ship with a direct hit on its stern. He bagged 6 Judy dive Bombers in eight minutes on June 19 during the historic Mariana ‘Turkey Shoot’, claiming another Zero on the following day. Vraviu was shot down by ground fire in December, ending his war as the fourth-ranking fighter Navy ace with 19 aircraft to his credit.

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Read Alex Vraciu’s WWII biography Here

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