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Blakeslee's Thunderbolt

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Often described as the greatest American Fighter Group leader of WWII.

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£499.00 Inc VAT

About Blakeslee's Thunderbolt

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This exquisite painting shows the P-47B of Colonel DON BLAKESLEE flying bomber escort in late 1942. Already awarded a British DFC flying Spitfires with both Canadian and American Eagle Squadrons, Blakeslee transferred to the USAAF’s 4th Fighter Group equipped with the P-47 Thunderbolt when America joined the war. A triple Ace, Blakeslee flew more combat missions against the Luftwaffe than any other American pilot.


The superb brushed steel-silver framed Ensemble, with matching giclee print from the painting, has an all-metal USAAF pilot’s badge, & the original signature of Colonel DON BLAKESLEE The option to buy this Signature Ensemble is open only to the purchaser of the painting.

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