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The Bomber Command Edition

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Possibly the most famous bombing raid in history, the Dambusters of 617 Squadron

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£125.00 Inc VAT

About The Bomber Command Edition

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The 617 Squadron attack on the Ruhr Dams in May 1943 was generally regarded as the most daring and innovative bombing raid in history. Flying at night just a few feet above the water, lit only by the moon, Lancasters of 617 Squadron attacked the heavily-defended Ruhr Dams, releasing their Barnes Wallis-designed bomb with surgical precision. Bouncing across the water, bombs struck the dam wall, sank and hydrostatically detonated, exploding deep below the waterline. The Mohne and Eder dams were breached, the hydro-electric power stations incapacitated, severely damaging Germany’s industrial production.

Requiring great flying skill, navigational precision, and inordinate courage, what better way is there to remember the heroism of bomber aircrews, and commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force, than to celebrate the triumph of the Dambusters on that night 75 years ago. And who better to endorse each commemorative Limited Edition Ensemble with his original autograph than the Deputy Leader and pilot of Lancaster AJ-P on this most famous of bomber raids: Air Marshal, Sir Harold ‘Mick’ Martin.

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