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Dambusters Gift Collection

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There are only 20 of these exclusive gift collections available, featuring a framed limited edition 80th Anniversary Operation Chastise special print display, a replica newspaper, and The Dambusters Book. 19 LEFT

£169.55 Inc VAT

About Dambusters Gift Collection

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The Print Display 

Two highly decorated Australian Dambusters. Flying Lancasters with 617 Squadron, Mick Martin was Guy Gibson’s deputy leader on the Dams raid, Martin’s aircraft being the third to run in on the Mohne Dam. David Shannon’s run was called off as the dam was breached but carried on to be the first aircraft to strike the Eder Dam. Both Lancaster pilots were awarded the DSO for their part in the raid.

Leonard Cheshire was quoted as saying “Mick Martin was the bravest pilot I ever met”. Mick Martin in turn credited his loyal crew as the most courageous men he ever knew. Such is the way with real heroes! There can be no doubt that both Mick Martin and Dave Shannon were among the many who displayed uncommon courage consistently beyond the call of duty, and their 10 medals for gallantry support their actions.

Read their biographies:

Harold "Mick" Martin CLICK HERE


The Book

On the night of 16 / 17 May 1943 one of the most daring low-level night time raids in the history of air warfare took place, when nineteen Lancaster crews from the newly-formed 617 Squadron successfully attacked the great dams of Germany. Their audacious mission – codenamed Operation Chastise – gained them immediate fame and legendary status.

After the Dambusters Raid the squadron remained operational, becoming known as precision-bombing specialists, undertaking some of the most famous missions of WWII; the Dortmund-Ems Canal, Kembs Barrage and sinking of the mighty German Battleship Tirpitz are just a few of the countless operations carried out by the unit.

There are few photographic records of these dramatic events, but this lavishly illustrated book tells their incredible story through an unparalleled collection of paintings and drawings from some of the world’s most talented aviation and military artists, inspired by first-hand accounts from the veterans involved. Carefully selected from the archives of the Military Gallery, works by Richard Taylor, Anthony Saunders, Gerald Coulson, Simon Smith and the world’s foremost aviation artist Robert Taylor are all featured. Rarely has the incredible story of the legendary Dambusters been portrayed with such creative brilliance. 

With 128 pages packed full of colourful works along with many new maps, diagrams and specially commissioned unseen artwork, this stunning visual record leads us through the preparations and execution of the Dambusters Raid. From the development of the ‘Bouncing Bomb’, the crews that took part and a detailed account of the mission, we are then taken on a journey into the units’ exploits after Operation Chastise. 

Painstakingly researched with the direct assistance of world renowned expert Dr Robert Owen, official historian of the 617 Sqn Association, this historically accurate account provides a unique insight into the incredible story of the Dambusters and the subsequent wartime exploits of the legendary 617 Sqn. 

The Newspaper

Daily Telegraph from 18th May 1943. The RAF blew up three key dams in the Ruhr Valley, engulfing bridges and power plants and inflicting industrial disaster on Germany. Adverts of the day and other wartime news.

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