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Flying Tigers

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The story of Chennault’s AVG Flying Tigers is written into American combat aviation folklore.


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£475.00 Inc VAT

About Flying Tigers

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The legend of Chennault’s AVG Flying Tigers, all tough, aggressive volunteer fighter pilots who craved action before the US joined the war. Darryl Legg’s superb painting shows the Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk of AVG Flying Tiger, squadron commander and triple Ace Brigadier General ‘Tex’ HILL ,whose rare and valuable original signature is mounted in the accompanying Ensemble. There is only ONE painting and ONE original signature available!


The accompanying brushed steel-silver framed Ensemble with matching giclee print from the painting, has an all-metal USAAF pilot’s badge, and the original signature of AVG legend Brigadier General ‘TEX’ HILL. We are sorry, but the option to buy the Signature Ensemble is available only to the buyer of the painting.

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