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Frank Carey & Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris

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Two highly respected and distinguished fighter pilots both flew the Hurricane during the Battle of Britain.

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£79.00 Inc VAT

About Frank Carey & Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris

Things you may like to know.

Two Highly Distinguished fighter pilots both of whom became synonymous with the Hurricane during and after the Battle of Britain. Frank Carey flew Hurricanes almost throughout the war, becoming the most highly decorated Hurricane fighter pilot of WWII/ Flying before, during and after the Battle of Britain, Carey often flew six operational sorties a day. He later transferred to the Far East where he led the Hurricane wing in Rangoon.

Chris Foxley-Norris flew Lysanders over France with 13 Squadron but by the time of Dunkirk they had lost all their aircraft. He returned to England to join Fighter Command where he joined 3 then 615 Squadrons he flying Hurricane Mks I and II, where he recalls being “shot up once and shot down twice”. He later commanded Beaufighter and Mosquito squadrons. His DSO cited his “brilliant leadership, exceptional skill and determination”. A natural leader, he was always destined for high rank.

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