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The Hawker Hurricane

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A Commemorative Trilogy Remembering

1 Frame Finish
[31 - 17]
Framed - Gun Metal
[31 - 18]
Framed - Silver
[31 - 19]
[31 - 69]

£97.00 Inc VAT

About The Hawker Hurricane

Things you may like to know.

The Mk I Hawker Hurricane saw plenty of action in the Battle of France, where many of its pilots scored their first victories. Being a few years older than the Spitfire, more Hurricanes were operational at the start of the Battle of Britain, the type making up the backbone of Fighter Command’s operational squadrons. Though powered by the same Merlin engine it was a little slower than the Spitfire, but a steadier gun platform and could out-turn both the Spitfire and the Luftwaffe’s Me109.
Hurricane pilots destroyed two thirds of all the Luftwaffe aircraft shot down during the Battle of Britain, could take more punishment and survive than most other fighters, its rugged construction often getting a badly damaged aircraft and its pilot safely home.

This new Ensemble commemorates the vital part played in the Battle of Britain by the Mk I Hurricane, and the determination and bravery of the pilots that flew it in combat. The highly accurate rendition by prominent aviation artist Darryl Legg is triple mounted with gold plated RAF pilots wings and carries the original signatures of three of the greatest Battle of Britain pilots ever to fly the Hurricane in combat

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