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Heinz Lange & Erich Rudorffer

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With almost 300 air victories between them, both these Luftwaffe Aces flew consistently through to the final Defence of the Reich.

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£79.00 Inc VAT

About Heinz Lange & Erich Rudorffer

Things you may like to know.

Both pilots flew in the battles of France and Britain in 1940, and continued operationally till the end of the war five years later. Both flew most variants of the Me109 and both converted to the Fw190 preferring this fighter to the Me109. Two outstanding Luftwaffe Aces who shot down almost 300 enemy aircraft between them.

One of a very small elite group of Luftwaffe fighter aces to be awarded the highest decoration in the Luftwaffe, Erich Rudorffer flew Me109s, Fw190s and the Me262 achieving 224 aerial victories including 12 flying the Me262. His ‘wingman’ in this highly collectable ensemble is Heinz Lange, another Luftwaffe Ace who flew operationally throughout WWII completing 628 missions.

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