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Hermann Buchner

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Completed over 400 missions, credited with 58 air victories, he became one of the Me262’s leading aces with 12 victories.

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About Hermann Buchner

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Buchner first flew the Me109E in combat in November 1940, completing over 200 missions in the East. In February 1943, while testing a new Me109G-6 he was lucky to survive when it exploded at 22,000 feet. He was severely injured and hospitalized. Returning to his unit in July 1943, this time flying the Fw190A-4, Buchner completed a further 200 combat missions before being again wounded in combat. After recovering he completed another 180 missions, was shot down twice, and claimed 26 enemy aircraft and 16 tanks destroyed. Moving from the Crimea SG/1 took up a role defending the Romanian oilfields against the incessant attacks by American bombers based in Italy, and in June 1944 took command of 4./SG 2 “Immelmann” ground-attack fighters. Moved back to the West in December 1944 he joined 9./JG 7 where he flew the Luftwaffe’s new jet interceptor, the Me262. Flying 35 missions, Hermann Buchner added 12 air victories becoming one of the jet fighter’s top-scoring aces in WWII.

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