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Honours Even

£147.00 Inc VAT

The original signatures of two opposing fighter aces, both legends of the era, who flew and fought the two greatest fighters in the Battle of Britain.

  • Original World War II pilot signatures 
  • Darryl Legg Giclee Aviation Print
  • Metal replica miniature medals
  • Metal RAF and Luftwaffe Badge

£147.00 Inc VAT

About Honours Even

Things you may like to know.

Many the fiercest aerial dogfights in history were fought between RAF Spitfires and Messerschmitt Me109s of Germany’s Luftwaffe in WWII. Bob Stanford-Tuck was credited with 29 air victories before being shot down by ground-fire over France in 1941 and taken prisoner. Herbert Ihlefeld achieved 35 air victories in the Battle of Britain, ending his six years of combat flying with 140 victories.

Complimenting the Original Signatures of both fighter aces in this rare collector Ensemble is aviation artist Darryl Legg’s fine painting Honours Even, all-metal pilot’s wings and replica ceremonial medals, all beautifully mounted.

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