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Sir Hugh 'Cocky' Dundas & Sir Dennis Crowley-Milling

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Two front-line Battle of Britain Spitfire pilots who went on to command Typhoon ground attack wings.

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£79.00 Inc VAT

About Sir Hugh 'Cocky' Dundas & Sir Dennis Crowley-Milling

Things you may like to know.

Two Knights of the Realm who flew Spitfires in the Battle of Britain and later commanded Typhoon ground attack wings. Dundas flew in Bader’s lead section at Tangmere; Crowley-Milling, having flown in Bader’s 242 Sqn, was selected for the elite Tangmere wing for his ‘press-on’ attitude.

Ground attack, particularly against heavily defended enemy airfields, was considered one of the most hazardous of all forms of air combat. Having survived the grueling air fighting in the early years of the war, both highly decorated pilots led ground attack wings flying the rugged Typhoon fighter.

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