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James Goodson

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Flew Hurricanes and Spitfires with the RAF, then reformed and commanded 133 Squadron, American Eagles.

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About James Goodson

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One of the first Americans to join the war, Jim Goodson flew first with the RAF, then commanded an American Eagle Squadron, before transferring over to the USAAF when America joined the war. By this time Goodson was already an experienced fighter pilot.

Taking this invaluable proficiency with him, Jim Goodson joined the 4th Fighter Group, his experience helping them develop into one of the most successful American Fighter units in the ETO. Swapping their Spitfires for P-47 Thunderbolts, then P-51 Mustangs the 4th’s fighter pilots were able to escort their heavy bombers all the way to Berlin. One of a tiny number of Americans to fly combat almost throughout WWII.

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