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Sir Wallace 'Digger' Kyle

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Digger Kyle took command of Two Group’s Mosquito Mk IV’s in 1942 flying high altitude daylight missions over Germany.

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£59.00 Inc VAT

About Sir Wallace 'Digger' Kyle

Things you may like to know.

A personal friend and fellow pilot trainee of Douglas Bader at Cranwell, Australian ‘Digger’ Kyle, flew Bulldog fighters before a three year detachment to the Fleet Air Arm where he flew Fairey IIIF’s from Carriers. A vastly experienced pilot, Kyle commanded Blenheim, Mosquito and Lancaster squadrons. Kyle became Governor of West Australia after the war

One of the most respected RAF pilots of WWII, Digger Kyle flew operationally in a leadership capacity virtually throughout the war. Flying the Mosquito Mk IV with 2 Group in 1942 he led high-level sorties 

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