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Martin Drewes & Paul Zorner

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With over 100 night victories between, these two highly decorated Aces were among the most successful Luftwaffe night fighter pilots.

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£69.00 Inc VAT

About Martin Drewes & Paul Zorner

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Flying one of the most difficult forms of air combat, these two highly decorated Luftwaffe pilots were credited with over 100 air victories between them, flying primarily against the RAF bomber forces in the deadly night skies over Europe. 

Nearly all the night successes of these two outstanding Luftwaffe night fighter pilots were achieved flying variants of the specially adapted Messerschmitt Me 110. As a day fighter it was slow, vulnerable and unsuccessful, but flying against the RAF’s night bombers it became the most successful of all Luftwaffe night fighters. Martin Drewes completed 235 operations and achieved 52 aerial victories while Paul Zorner destroyed 59 enemy aircraft, his last as Kommandeur of II./NJG 100.

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