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Ivor Broom and Roy Ralston Mosquito Legends

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The combat missions flown by these two Mosquito low-level precision bombing pilots are written into RAF folklore. Nine awards for gallantry between them.

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£97.00 Inc VAT

About Ivor Broom and Roy Ralston Mosquito Legends

Things you may like to know.

Air Marshal


Wing Commander


Both pilots began the war flying the outdated Blenheim on perilous raids over Germany and occupied territories and both completed the war flying the high-performance Mosquito – against targets in Germany. Both Mosquito pilots formed inseparable bonds with their navigators, relying implicitly on each other’s finely honed skills. Both became highly decorated.

After low-level missions against enemy shipping off the coast of France, Broom and his Blenheims transferred to Malta to harrass Rommel’s North African shipping supply lines. Returning to the UK in 1943 he became one of the Pathfinder's most prominent Mosquito pilots till the war’s end. Roy Ralston, flying Mosquitos with 105 Squadron, completed a second tour of low-level bombing missions with an attack on the railway works at Trier. He too then joined Bennett’s, Pathfinder Force.

Featuring ‘Sting of the Tsetse’ print by the talented Aviation artist  David Bryant.

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