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Mustang Menace

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The P-51 was the USAAF’s most versatile fighter of WWII. Darryl Legg selects the P-51B variant for his dramatic portrayal, shown in D-Day markings.

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£475.00 Inc VAT

About Mustang Menace

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Darryl Legg has painted the P-51B variant in this dramatic portrayal of USAAF’s most versatile fighter of WWII. Shown in D-Day markings, the P-51 Mustang played a major role during the invasion of Northern France. The Ensemble option has the signature of the highly decorated, two-tour USAAF P-51 ace, Captain DON STRAIT, with 13.5 victories, the leading fighter Ace of the 356th Fighter Group.


The separate brushed steel-silver framed Ensemble has a giclee print from the painting, an all-metal USAAF pilot’s badge, and the rare and collectible signature of Captain DON STRAIT. The option to buy the Signature Ensemble is strictly ONLY open to the purchaser of the painting.

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