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Night Intruder

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One of the most evocative paintings by any artist portraying the Luftwaffe’s highly successful Me110 Night-fighter.

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£475.00 Inc VAT

About Night Intruder

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By popular vote one of the most atmospheric paintings by any artist depicting the Luftwaffe’s highly successful Me110 Night-Fighter. Lit by the moon, with searchlights penetrating the lower cloud base, this beautiful but deadly night-fighter lurks mysteriously in its ethereal element. Alone in the night sky, loitering in wait, its crew ready to pounce when the RAF’s mass forces arrive.


The brushed steel-silver framed accompanying Ensemble has a matching giclee print, all-metal Luftwaffe pilot’s badge, and the original signature of night-fighter Ace, Major MARTIN DREWES. The Signature Ensemble is reserved exclusively for the purchaser of the painting.

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