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Peter Townsend & Frank Carey

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Peter Townsend & Frank Carey flew in France, at Dunkirk, and went on to become two of the greatest Hurricane pilots of the Battle of Britain.

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About Peter Townsend & Frank Carey

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Two highly decorated and distinguished fighter pilots both of whom became synonymous with the Hurricane during and after the Battle of Britain. Frank Carey flew Hurricanes almost throughout the war, Peter Townsend commanded 85 Sqn through the Battle and formed the first Hurricane night fighter squadron in the Blitz.

Frank Carey became the most highly decorated Hurricane fighter pilot of WWII, flying before, during and after the Battle of Britain in which he often flew as many as six operational sorties a day. Later transferring to the Far East he led the Hurricane wing in Rangoon. Peter Townsend commanded 85 Sqn’s Hurricanes for more than a year from May 1940, first as a day fighter squadron, then as the first night fighter squadron during the Blitz of London. After many other commands he became Equerry to King George VI in 1944.

Original Signature/Autograph of Peter Townsend. To read his biography Click Here 

Original Signature/Autograph of Frank Carey. To read his biography Click Here

Size unframed 12" x 16" or 30com  x 40 cm 

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