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P.W.E 'NIP' Heppell

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Flew Spitfires in 1940, joined Douglas Bader’s famous Tangmere Wing in 1941.

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£59.00 Inc VAT

About P.W.E 'NIP' Heppell

Things you may like to know.

One of Douglas Bader’s aggressive fighter pilots in the famous Tangmere Wing, Nip Heppell flew with Johnnie Johnson, Cocky Dundas, Ken Holden and Alan Smith, Bader’s trusted wingman. Always in the thick of the airfighting in 1941.

Flying Spitfires with 616 Squadron, Nip Heppell cut his teeth as a young fighter pilot alongside some of the RAF’s most famous aces, engaging daily when weather permitted with Adolf Galland’s ‘Abbeville Boys’ and other Luftwaffe fighter squadrons based in northern France. He later became one of the Spitfire pilot heroes in the defence of Malta.

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