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Robin Olds

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An Ace in WWII in P-38’s and P-51s, and became a legend in Vietnam flying the F-4 Phantom. 

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About Robin Olds

Things you may like to know.

In WWII Robin Olds flew P-38 Lightnings and P-51 Mustangs during two tours in the European Theatre. An aggressive fighter pilots, Olds quickly became an Ace, achieving 24.5 combat ‘kills’, 13 in air-to-air encounters, reaching the rank of Major by the time his war ended. Eager for more combat flying, in September 1966 he took command of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing’s F-4 Phantoms at Ubon, Thailand, during the time of the Vietnam war. He set about transforming aerial tactics, substantially changing the fortunes of the F-4 squadrons in that hostile theatre. On January 2, 1967 he led the famous ‘MiG Sweep’, later the legendary low-level bombing of the Thai Ngyen steel mill blast furnaces, followed by the Famous Paul Doumier Bridge attack. Always at the forefront of the action, Olds attained legendary status among his pilots. He was later described by Johnnie Johnson as “the most complete fighter pilot of our era”. Robin Olds flew a total of 152 combat missions, 115 of which were over North Vietnam.

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