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Sir Harold 'Mick' Martin & David Shannon

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Two of the most highly decorated 617 Squadron pilots, both took part in the famous ‘Dambuster’ raid on the night of 16/17 May 1943.

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£125.00 Inc VAT

About Sir Harold 'Mick' Martin & David Shannon

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Two highly decorated Australian Dambusters. Flying Lancasters with 617 Squadron, Mick Martin was Guy Gibson’s deputy leader on the Dams raid, Martin’s aircraft being the third to run in on the Mohne Dam. David Shannon’s run was called off as the dam was breached but carried on to be the first aircraft to strike the Eder Dam. Both Lancaster pilots were awarded the DSO for their part in the raid.

Leonard Cheshire was quoted as saying “Mick Martin was the bravest pilot I ever met”. Mick Martin in turn credited his loyal crew as the most courageous men he ever knew. Such is the way with real heroes! There can be no doubt that both Mick Martin and Dave Shannon were among the many who displayed uncommon courage consistently beyond the call of duty, and their 10 medals for gallantry support their actions.

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