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Sir Harold 'Mick' Martin

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Deputy Leader to Guy Gibson on the Dams Raid, one of RAF Bomber Command’s most courageous and highly decorated pilots.

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£125.00 Inc VAT

About Sir Harold 'Mick' Martin

Things you may like to know.

Sir Max Hastings, an authority on RAF Bomber Command, describes Mick Martin as “one of three great bomber pilots of WWII” – Certainly he became one of Bomber Command’s most highly decorated pilots.  Initially flying Hampdens with 455 RAAF Sqn, in 1941 Mick Martin took part in the first 1000-bomber raids on Germany, flying a Manchester. After converting to Lancasters, and possibly due to his penchant for low-level flying, in 1943 he was recruited to 617 Squadron by Wing Commander Guy Gibson to fly as his Deputy Leader for the secret Dams Raid. In November of that year Leonard Cheshire became 617’s CO and together with Martin, these two famous bomber pilots perfected precision bombing, and in particular, the highly dangerous but vital art of ‘target marking’, the technique that did so much to improve the effectiveness of Bomber Command. Cheshire is quoted as saying “Mick Martin was the bravest man I ever knew, and should have been given my VC”.

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