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Surprise Attack

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During the final Defence of the Reich, the Me 262 jet was more that 100mph quicker than anything else in the air.

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Generalleutnant WALTER KRUPINSKI, known throughout the Lutfwaffe as ‘The Count’, recorded over 1100 combat missions in WWII. He flew Me109s in the East training the young Hartmann as his wingman. But seen here in Darryl’s dramatic painting, the ‘Count’ pilots the new Me262 jet in the final Defence of the Reich. Walter ‘The Count’ Krupinski was credited with 197 air victories. 


The brushed steel-silver framed accompanying matching giclee Print Display has all-metal Luftwaffe pilot’s badge, and the original signature of fighter Ace, General WALTER KRUPINSKI. Our apologies, but the Signature Ensemble is only available to the purchaser of the painting.

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