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A fine painting that magically conveys the devastating firepower of the Allied’s most feared ground-attack fighter of WWII – the Hawker Typhoon.

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£475.00 Inc VAT

About Tankbuster

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One look at Darryl Legg’s new painting of the Hawker Typhoon, and you can see this aircraft means business! Sporting D-Day invasion markings, armed with tank-busting cannon and armour-piercing rockets, this is a classic portrayal of what was considered the best ground-attack aircraft of the war. Led by seasoned fighter pilots such as Group Captain ‘Cocky’ DUNDAS, the Typhoon became the scourge of the German Panzer Divisions.


The brushed steel-silver framed accompanying matching giclee Print Display has RAF pilot’s badge, and the mounted signature of Group Captain Sir HUGH ‘Cocky’ DUNDAS. The option to buy the Signature Ensemble is open ONLY to the purchaser of the painting.

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