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Undaunted By Odds

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Hurricane Mk1s from the renowned 303 "Kościuszko" Polish Squadron RAF confidently ascend from Northolt, poised to intercept yet another Luftwaffe bomber formation en route to London in September 1940.

1 Frame Finish
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Framed - Gun Metal
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Framed - Silver
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Framed - Rivet
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£235.00 Inc VAT

About Undaunted By Odds

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In the skies of November 6, 1935, a prototype aircraft soared for the inaugural flight. Crafted by Sydney Camm, this resilient single-engined monoplane fighter ascended, its significance unbeknownst to many at the time. Little did they foresee its destined role as one of the enduring emblems of the greatest aerial conflict in history. This aircraft would come to be known as the Hawker Hurricane.

Robert Taylor's poignant artwork, "Undaunted by Odds," serves as a heartfelt homage to the Hurricane aircraft and the courageous pilots who bravely took to the skies in combat. This exceptional edition features prints adorned with the authentic signatures of those valiant pilots who flew and fought alongside the Hurricane during World War II. This unique combination creates a timeless and significant tribute, destined to be cherished by collectors for generations to come.

Each print has been individually numbered and hand-signed by artist Robert Taylor along with THREE RAF pilots who flew with the Polish Squadrons during World War II:

Squadron Leader JUREK MENCEL DFC KM*** AFM***
Pilot Officer STEFAN RYLL AFM*

Overall Print Size: 34 7/8” wide x 24” high

Edition Size - 250

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