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Walter Schuck & Hermann Buchner

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Both highly decorated fighter aces flew the Me109 for four years before converting to the Me262.

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£69.00 Inc VAT

About Walter Schuck & Hermann Buchner

Things you may like to know.

With 264 aerial victories between them and more that 50 tanks and other military armament destroyed, these two Luftwaffe Aces were a natural choice to fly the new Me262 jet when it came into service late in the war. Both became aces in the jet, destroying 20 enemy aircraft in the short time they flew the 262 in combat.

Walter Schuck was one of the Luftwaffe’s most successful fighter pilots and one of the few to join the elite ‘200’ club with 206 confirmed air victories – 8 of which were flying the Me262. Nominated for the coveted ‘Swords’ to his Knights Cross, like Buchner’s nomination for Oak Leaves, the war ended before the awards were confirmed. Hermann Buchner, a leading ground-attack pilot, destroyed 48 tanks and other military vehicles before converting to the Me262. He shot down 12 enemy aircraft flying the jet.

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