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Walter Schuck

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Credited with 206 air victories in over 500 combat missions, 8 victories flying the Me262 jet.

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About Walter Schuck

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One of the Luftwaffe’s top-scoring fighter pilots, Schuck was credited with destroying 206 enemy aircraft in over four and a half years of almost continual air combat.. He scored his fist victory on May 15 in 1942 flying with JG-5, operating on the most northern sector of the Eastern Front. He took his total past the magic 100 mark almost exactly two years later. Two days following he destroyed 12 enemy aircraft in the air within the space of just 24 hours – a record never surpassed by a JG-5 pilot. With 150 victories and Oak Leaves awarded to his Knights Cross, Schuck was given command of JG-5’s 10th Squadron, where he flew against British aircraft strikes on the Tirpitz and other targets in the ‘Polar Sea’ region of Norway. Returning to Germany in March 1945 he took command of 3./JG-7 flying the Me262 jet fighter in which he was credited with his final 8 victories. Walter Schuck’s 206 confirmed aerial victories were achieved in over 500 combat missions – an astonishing record!

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