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Walter Wolfrum

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Flew mostly Me109 ‘g’ models, seeing action with JG 52. Credited with 137 victories in 423 operational missions. 

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About Walter Wolfrum

Things you may like to know.

Walter Wolfrum flew with the famous JG-52 wing in the East and by 1944 was one of the wing’s most successful fighter aces. Commanding 1 squadron on 30 May 1940 he was credited with 11 aerial victories over the Ploesti oilfields – in a single day! 

Of Walter Wolfrum’s 137 air victories 119 were against fighters – a mark of his supreme flying ability. This accomplished and determined fighter ace also sank a gunboat, was wounded four times, experienced twelve emergency landings and completed 423 operational missions. Like most Luftwaffe pilots, he flew constantly when fit to do so. After the war ended he devoted himself to aerobatic flying, becoming the German champion in 1962.

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