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Wildcat Triple Ace

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Major-General Marion Carl, USMC, whose original signature accompanies the optional Print Display.

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£475.00 Inc VAT

About Wildcat Triple Ace

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The Pacific air war was largely fought by US Navy and Marine Corps pilots flying from aircraft carriers. Darryl Legg’s painting pays tribute to the F4F Wildcat, the superb little carrier-borne fighter that fought most of the early air battles in the Pacific. The matching Ensemble carries the original signature of one of the F4F Wildcat’s most successful fighter pilots, Major-General MARION CARL, USMC.


The separate brushed steel-silver framed Ensemble includes a giclee print from the painting, an all-metal USMC pilot’s badge, and the original signature of General MARION CARL. The option to buy the Signature Ensemble is restricted to the purchaser of the painting. It’s part of the deal!

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