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Battle Over Britain

£200.00 Inc VAT

Print is mounted with signatures of 6 Luftwaffe Me109 pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain in 1940.

£200.00 Inc VAT

About Battle Over Britain

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Mounted with signatures of:

Gunther Rall

Deiter Hrabak

Erich Rudorffer

Eduard Neumann

Fritz Losigkeit

Heinz Lange.

Darryl Legg’s new painting shows the Me109’s of JG-53 flying close escort to Heinkel 111’s on a typical raid heading for London in the high summer of 1940, his accurate painting providing a wonderful study of the Luftwaffe’s most outstanding fighter. Just 50 copies worldwide of this superb image were published and now, along with the original signatures of SIX Top-scoring Luftwaffe fighter aces who flew in the Battle of Britain, all holders of the coveted Knights Cross, six collectors have an opportunity of a lifetime!


Six leading Luftwaffe fighter Aces of the Western Front have added their signatures along with Darryl Legg’s fine study of Me109’s over England in 1940. Delivered Brand New, with Certificate of Authenticity, Double Mounts and delivered ready to frame. Of the original 50 in the edition only 6 copies are left – and now available at well below the published price!

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