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RAF Bomber Command Print Collection

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“Bomber aircrews took all the same risks that we pilots took and the fact that entire crews are represented in your fine collection of autographs makes this project all the more valuable” Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, VC, DSO**, DFC* April 1984

Every original WWII Bomber Command Aircrew’s signature, acquired in the 1980’s, is supported by a Certificate of Authenticity. BRONZE and SILVER Autograph Print Collections have triple-mounts, quality art, and gilt metal RAF pilots wings and mounted replica miniature medals.

A unique Ensemble with the authentic hand-signed autographs of SEVEN highly decorated WWII combat bomber aircrew.


The signatures of holders of RAF Victoria Crosses awarded in the First World War are now priceless. Cheshire was the RAF’s most highly decorated pilot.


Of the 22 Victoria Crosses awarded to RAF aircrew in WWII less than 10 survived the war. These two are among Bomber Command’s most famous.


Two of the most highly decorated 617 Squadron pilots, both took part in the famous ‘Dambuster’ raid on the night of 16/17 May 1943.


Legendary Mosquito squadron commanders, Cunningham a high-scoring night fighter pilot, and Broom daring low-level precision bombing.


The combat missions flown by these two Mosquito low-level precision bombing pilots are written into RAF folklore. 


After commanding 50 Squadron’s Hampdens, subsequently led Wellington, Halifax and Lancaster squadrons.


Took command of Two Group’s Mosquito Mk IV’s in 1942 flying high altitude daylight missions over Germany.


Piloting a Lancaster in appalling conditions, he and his crew finally sank the German battleship Tirpitz on 12 November 1944.


Shot down over Norway during a low-level attack on the Tirpitz, evaded capture and returned to UK to form the famous Pathfinder Force.


A unique Print Display featuring the signatures of Hamish Mahaddie and Douglas Cameron.

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