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Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots Print Collection

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“Here is my selection of Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots chosen for your collection. They all flew under my command in WWII and are all willing to contribute to your autograph collection. I admire your foresight and am happy to contribute myself”

Every original Combat pilot’s signature, acquired in the 1980’s, is supported by a Certificate of Authenticity. BRONZE and SILVER Autograph Print Collections have triple-mounts, quality art, and gilt metal RAF pilots wings and mounted replica miniature medals.

Flew Me109’s, Fw190’s and the He162 jet in over 1000 missions. Shot down 8 times. Achieved 140 victories.


Flew mostly Me109 ‘g’ models, seeing action with JG 52. Credited with 137 victories in 423 operational missions. 


Flew both Me109 and Fw190, and the Mitsubishi 96 in 750 missions that included the Battle of Britain.


A JG-52 Ace with a total of 109 victories on the Eastern Front, with a further 24 in the West.


With 156 victories in 385 operational missions this highly decorated Squadron Commander was a respected Luftwaffe fighter Ace.


With over 100 night victories between, these two highly decorated Aces were among the most successful Luftwaffe night fighter pilots.


Both highly decorated fighter aces flew the Me109 for four years before converting to the Me262.


Two of the Luftwaffe’s most famous fighter pilots. Both flew in the Battle of Britain.


With almost 300 air victories between them, both these Luftwaffe Aces flew consistently through to the final Defence of the Reich.


Galland ended the war commanding JV-44, flying the Me262. With 195 victories Krupinski, flew jets with him.


Galland was commander of all fighters from 1941, and Hartmann the highest scoring fighter ace in history


Limited to 15 these Graphite prints by Stephen Brown feature the original signature of Martin Drewes, who flew the Messerschmitt Me 110.



Limited to just 50 "Galland's Last Battle" Profile Print features a signed biography of the great man himself.

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