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USAAF Fighter Pilots Print Collection

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"The great British fighter ace Johnnie Johnson wrote: ‘There were many outstanding American fighter pilots… the Navy and Marine pilots that fought the Pacific battles were among the bravest and most determined of WWII’. Although my WWII air combat experience was in the European Theater, I endorse that view” Brigadier General Robin Olds, March, 1984

Every original American Combat pilot’s signature, acquired in the 1980’s, is supported by a Certificate of Authenticity. BRONZE and SILVER Autograph Print Collections have triple-mounts, quality art, and gilt metal RAF pilots wings and mounted replica miniature medals.

Flew Hurricanes and Spitfires with the RAF, then reformed and commanded 133 Squadron, American Eagles.


Described by AVM Johnnie Johnson as “one of the greatest fighter pilots of his generation”, Robin Olds was a double Ace in WWII.


Two of the United States Navy’s most successful fighter Aces during the 1941-45 war in the Pacific, both flying the Grumman F6F Hellcat.


Hurricane and Spitfire Eagle Squadron pilot and 4th Fighter Group Ace Jim Goodson unites with 56th Fighter Group fighter Ace Robert Johnson.


Major Gerald Brown was first assigned to the 55th Fighter Group, 38th Fighter Squadron in England in September 1943.


The famous carrier pilot once bagged 6 Japanese dive Bombers in 8 minutes!

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