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Gallant Lancasters

£195.00 Inc VAT

The original signatures of a Lancaster crew, including TWO holders of the Victoria Cross.

£195.00 Inc VAT

About Gallant Lancasters

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(Overall size 19½” x 19½”)

Mounted with signatures of:

Bill Reid, VC

Norman Jackson, VC

John Costello DFC, DFM

Roland Hammersley, DFM

Derek Tulloch, DFC, DFM

Douglas Cameron, DFM

Victor Azzaro, DFC & Bar.

A remarkably detailed close-up study of Bomber Command’s most famous wartime aircraft painted by renowned aviation artist, Darryl Legg. The cockpit crew are clearly visible in the fading evening light. This aircraft, from 207 Squadron, the first to receive Lancasters in January 1942, is seen approaching the enemy coast en route to the Rhur. On one sortie this Lancaster’s gunners shot down three enemy fighters. Signatures include two VC’s; between them these Lancaster aircrew received no fewer than 10 medals for gallantry.

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